Last days, my life has taken many different senses. First half of the week my feelings were tends to a barely depression, perhaps unsightly; maybe just an energy deficiency. I don’t know yet. At weekend, feelings were a mix of brainless excitement and deeply thoughts about nothing and everything at same time.

About my tech side, not good enough. At work, _The_ boss cancelled the project that I was working by a few more than a month, as you can imagine I need a liver transplant since that happened. But anyway, my code is ugly and unreadableenough to make some guys scream, including, of course, my boss.

I was working at my first extension class to Ruby, obviously written in C. It’s just about a binding to use the XMMS API from Ruby, I know, already exists, but I wanna learn how to extend Ruby with C and add some features that can make my life easiest. I got almost everything done, but I have a few issues with xmms_remote_playlist_add function. This one takes 2 arguments, first one is just the session number of XMMS(usually zero), and the second one takes a GList struct with the list of songs to load. It drops out some trash with the data, but I changed a realloc call to calloc and it works fine; but by the otherside, when I load my list into xmms I got a glibc error. I’m working on it, I’ll publish it when it’s ready. 😉

School stuff, well, I’m just waiting for final exams, I really like it, so much fun. Actually not just waiting but learning, studying and waiting. I recommend to all of you the books published by Springer, I’ve read several titles of it, mathematics mainly. Unfortunately I can’t afford it, cost of them are over than $50 USD each one, so I need to go to the library until I got some way to go to the bathroom and make money. 😀


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  1. sonny_taz says:

    Avec mon coeur à tes mains… toujours.

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