Well, 2006 was a weird year to me because I really grew up in some aspects of my personal life, mainly in sentimental way and discerning about my life’s goals. I have 20 years old, I think it is time to get strong ideas about I want to do with myself in the coming years.

Now I have some new friends who makes me happy and helps to me to took some important decisions. Obviously I never forget my “old” friends(which I can count with one hand fingers) that support me when I need it. 🙂

I decided to dedicate my whole time to study my physics barchelor degree, that’s what I always wanted, now with my parents’ support this will be possible. 😀

I thought some new year intentions, some that I know I can reach:

  • Read at least 25 books.
  • Make feel loved to people who I really love and appreciate.
  • Stop complains about everything.
  • Get involved in physics environment as I did with computer’s world.

Thanks to God who gave me this wonderful chance.

Thanks to my family.

Thanks to my friends.


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  1. geralOE says:

    que tengas un super año pequeño, te deseo lo mejor 🙂 suerte!
    seguro lograras todos tus propósitos y más 🙂
    Te quello 🙂

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