Yep, I’m totally addicted to books, I just can’t leave it. 😛

Today I bought the next books at FCE bookstore on Miguel Ángel de Quevedo:

  1. Criptonomicón 1, El Código Enigma – Neal Stephenson
  2. Criptonomicón 2, El Código Pontifex – Neal Stephenson
  3. Criptonomicón 3, El Código Aretusa – Neal Stephenson
  4. Los Hermanos Karamazov – Fiódor Dostoyevski
  5. La Esfinge de los Hielos – Julio Verne
  6. Las Armas Secretas – Julio Cortázar
  7. Abaddon el Exterminador – Ernesto Sabato

It’s really exciting spend a lot of money on books, I hope read a lot this days. 🙂


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  1. sonny_taz says:

    The “nice” persons 😉 going to ‘Gandhi’ to buy books or have dinner or spend time with friends or…


    Well, that’s a great problem to be “nice”


  2. imcsk8 says:

    I love books too, i have to stay away from amazon ’cause i’m capable of spend all of my payment on books.
    By the way i have read cryptonomicon (the american version haves all the books into one) IT RULES!!!
    I’m reading now the second volume (the confusion) of the baroque cycle, it’s a serie of three books about the ancestors of the guys of cryptonomicon (waterhous, shaftoe, root, etc) but in the 17-18th centuries. If you like stephenson’s narrative threre are a MUST.

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