I’m a 0x18 years old geek who’s interested in physics, kendo, mathematics and computing. I like to read a lot too, mainly latin literature(and obviously Jules Verne) .

I spend most of my time doing a physics college degree at UNAM, more specific at Sciences Faculty.

Wanna know more about me?, drop me an email to:



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  1. Adri says:

    Hi ducky!! How’s it going? Hope you’re doing great at work/school.
    Your english skills are quite funny. haha..
    Have some fun.
    Hugs n kisses


  2. Gridlockfuryk says:

    yo mang was up. ill be on 2marrow. thanx for the new recruit!

  3. mdt says:

    hi kid!, you know that I don’t speak english but I try it. You are a person very special in many things and I am very grateful to you. Bueno, ahí sta mi intnto jaja, n fin, spro q cumplas todos tus objtivos como prsona, como hijo, como studiant, rcuerda q siempr staré qando lo ncsits.
    “Ando por el camino de la vida con piedras y veredas, la densa neblina impide a mis ojos distinguir los obstáculos. Tu eres una de las pocas luces q me iluminan para seguir andando. No te apagues por favor, pues a tu ausencia sería imposible seguir.” cuídate

  4. Pedro Maffia says:

    hey check my comments about Dario

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